Status update

In my last post, I mentioned putting Dragon Mall Quest on hold due to anticipated financial burdens from coronavirus. Thankfully, things have stabilized, my husband has still been able to work, and our financial situation is ok again. Now that the financial stress of caring for ourselves is out of the way, I need to determine how to move forward with DMQ.

DMQ was taking up more time than I anticipated just to do final editing. I was originally going to hire animators to help me finish out the rest of the episode animation for the year, but with my business not yet bringing in enough revenue, it doesn’t seem right to do that just yet.

And things are ramping up on my main business, So doing the animation myself is not practical. Even doing the post-production is a bit of a stretch these days.

But never fear. I still have a lot of content that is already animated. It just needs post-production work. So I think what I’m going to do is figure out a new schedule that’s perhaps a more realistic pace for me. Once per week was too much, even when all the animation itself is done because the post-production (rendering, editing, sound effects, etc) still takes a couple of days per snip.

So I’m thinking maybe one snip per month? It’s not as much as I would want but it’s better than nothing. I’m expecting the business to be bringing in more income next year and I can afford to hire animators again.

I’m unsure when I’ll restart posting again. June is looking crazy busy for me because of some exciting things going on with PaperDemon! I’m currently aiming for some time in July for the next snip release.

I hope you all are safe and healthy out there. Wash your hands, stay home, stay 6ft apart so we can get through this pandemic faster.

Thank you for your patience! Stay tuned.

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