Cast and Crew

Here are all the lovely folks that contribute to Dragon Mall Quest and our other animations.

Writers and Main Cast

Jay Barbour
Dan Hummel
Potter Toews
Sanchez Michaels


Hi my name is Susie Sahim and I’m the producer for Dragon Mall Quest. I also handle the editing, art direction, and some of the character art and animation. I also manage the website. Most of the time I’m busy running, an online art and writing community that motivates artists through Art RPGs.

Susie Sahim

Animators, character artists, and background artists

A LOT of people have contributed to Dragon Mall Quest. I’m still working on getting all of them listed here.

Lauren Andrews

Anticia JK

Joanna Johnen

John Kleckner

Kathleen M O’Brien

Alan Poole

Dennis Poole

Voice Actors for supporting characters

Matthew Sahim
Voice of Ninja Kid Tommy

Tim Barbour
Voice of Old man ghost

Voice of Mythoburgers chef