Dragon Mall Quest #9 – The crunching in the darkness

Snip #9

Looks like I got another one out quicker than I thought.

Animation on this one was a lot of fun and unlike other episodes, this animation was done fairly recently.

Most of the snips, the animation was done several years ago but as stated earlier we were trying to get a bunch of it done first before releasing. The animation for this was completed in early 2020 because we ended up making a late change to the Lawrence character. I’m pretty happy with this episode. It actually makes for great sharing and is amusing without any context. I think this is the type of episode that really shows how the short “snip” format can work really well because you can easily share these little short animations.

It was a little on the short side so I padded it with some behind the scenes timelapse.

Let me know what you think!

Dragon Mall Quest – Snip #0 (Trailer)

Dragon Mall Quest Snip #0

It’s finally here. The trailer for Dragon Mall Quest. Dragon Mall Quest is an epic quest of two average guys trying to get by in a mall filled with the chaos and insanity that would only be commonplace in an anime.

“Snips” will be released every Tuesday starting February 4th. Each snip is a snack sized bite of entertainment.

Here we get to see a sneak peak of some of the various characters that exist in Season 1 of Dragon Mall Quest. What epic adventures await them? You’ll have to tune in next Tuesday to find out.

We’re back

Hey remember us? Those weird people who brought you the animated parody series, Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater?

We’re back.

Did you miss us? Of course you did.

It’s been about 7 years since we’ve posted any sort of update or announcement on our website. In 2013 we had announced most of the hilarious folks who brought you ZMT had started working on a new animated series to continue entertaining all of you. I’m happy to announce we’re very close to launching our new animated parody series, Dragon Mall Quest. It comes out in February 2020.

We decided to start fresh with our website so all the old content from our old site is no longer up. This includes all the old blog posts. But I might get around at some point to migrating them. The old website was REALLY outdated and there’s much better options out there for maintaining websites these days so we’ve moved to a nifty WordPress site.

ANYWAY we’re still getting this thing setup with all the appropriate links and info. Watch this space. Join the mailing list for announcements (on the left) if you don’t want to keep checking back here.

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I have lots of other things to update you on but that will come in follow up posts.