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5:21 am Oct 2, 10

i'm sorry the end of russian rounds part 2 was FUNNEH. I rate it OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL huh?

5:03 pm Oct 1, 10

lol ur right we still have the episodes to watch ovar and ovar again. in my case i will watch them. OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:07 am Sep 22, 10

lol its cool we still have the episodes to treasure and watch over and over. zarbon master piece theater forever

6:48 pm Aug 14, 10

After a couple of tries I got my account name and password right. It's been so long. Love these.

5:26 pm Jul 29, 10

True, true. It's been way too long...but at least we still have the old episodes of insanity to watch over and over and over.....

6:49 pm Jul 13, 10

wow can't believe i still got my account on here. its been a while

2:52 pm May 21, 10

Hi folks. thank you for your comments. I've posted a news post that will hopefully address some of the concerns.

7:24 pm May 20, 10

i what to know when surviving together well be posted

12:13 pm May 17, 10

Hey susie i dont know if you read these, i been a fan of your ZMT probably way back when Spring was brand new, i really enjoyed your episodes with it. but im not meaning to be an asshole or anything but. you really killed the ending off, im guessing the guy who plays as zarbon never made it back, but some of us i hope thought you were gonna one day pick it back up as a crew, i mean you guys were a great set. the acting and the animations were brilliant. i guess you lost motivation for this project, i was really hoping for something... better? I hope you reconsider to do ZMT again with the originals, i have to admit, i got bored after Nappas hosting more than 3 times. But hey, its only an animation. Hope your doing well susie. Please reconsider the series ending as a dream or something, some people really loved this animation.

1:12 pm Apr 23, 10

The series- awesome.
The end-
Really sucked.
Great work, for the most part.

1:10 pm Apr 10, 10

Hmm... I would be liying if I said that I wasn't disappointed by the final two episodes of Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater. Sigh...

1:10 pm Apr 10, 10

Hmm... I would be liying if I said that I wasn't disappointed by the final two episodes of Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater. Sigh...

11:20 am Mar 13, 10

ermmm, yea...

11:11 pm Jan 10, 10

Ill just say I agree with the people before. Though I do appreciate on some level the whole 'Finally finish all this trouble' mentality of killing everyone in the finale... I still kinda hoped for something more... together. Still, I appreciate the work all of you have done, and thank you for the memories.

1:55 pm Jan 10, 10

Seriously I've watched ZMPT for years now and the way you ended it was just hasty. You can't just kill off every character at once and call it an "epic finale." I was actually expecting a clever in-depth interview with post-DBZ fame Goku. Not a brief cameo after the credits. I know you're trying to get out a serious piece like surviving together, but is it worth alienating all your fans in the process?

2:04 pm Jan 9, 10

It sure has felt like a long time since anything has moved here. I've been a big fan for a long time, just never said anything. And I've been wondering for awhile lately if PDM is at a halt until further notice.

10:30 pm Nov 13, 09

Hey, I'm a big fan but the finale really sucked. It's a really stupid and insulting way for the series to end. Of course the creator can do whatever they want with their series; but that doesn't mean anyone has to like it. Why didn't you end the episode as a dream sequence?
btw- Susie would get the death penalty for all those murders.

8:27 pm Oct 29, 09

Is it over? Well that's depressing. When is surviving together finally going to come out?

3:26 pm Oct 22, 09

wow its been a long time since i been on here

10:38 pm Oct 21, 09

You know on that last episode...for a split second I thought you were my sister...who scares the living shit out of me.

But you're not so it was funny as hell

10:32 pm Oct 21, 09

OMG, I loved the last episode...I couldn't help but bang my head to the music and the carnage ROFL

6:14 pm Oct 20, 09

final 2 episodes sucked so much fuckin dick

2:42 pm Oct 19, 09

end was awkward...

5:11 pm Oct 11, 09


10:59 pm Oct 9, 09

I remember when i first saw zarbons masterpiece back in 2005 then ended in 2009. I enjoyed the videos

10:54 am Oct 3, 09

you should have had goku in the last episode..

2:51 pm Sep 21, 09

And if I'm being a little "spoilery" in my comment, please feel free to delete it.

2:50 pm Sep 21, 09

I thought the ending was good, but not great.

I don't mind the way it ended as much as I have some concerns about what precisely caused "Susie" to break. She's been through worse, and it seems odd for her to snap for the reasons she did.

I do have to admit I love the creative way you got Zarbon back in for the finale. It's a shame we couldn't have had him "really" back, but you worked well with what you had, and I liked the dual layers of how Zarbon just wouldn't die. And it's better than anything I can do, so I'm not complaining. Thank you for entertaining us through the years.

6:18 pm Sep 14, 09

omg its been several years. ballin!

2:26 pm Sep 10, 09

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