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9:39 am Sep 10, 09

VERY mature Susie, one bad party and boom you go and kill everybody. You caould have at least waited for the booze (If you haven't realized yet I'm joking this has been a funny show and I hate to see it end). Keep on keeping on susieand good luck with everything else in you life.

10:03 pm Sep 9, 09

I'm still planning to do Surviving Together but I'm planning my wedding and working on our new show now. Not sure when ST is going to get back into the picture.

7:54 pm Sep 9, 09

Thats good to know!

7:42 pm Sep 9, 09

not to me, but I've been out of touch for a while, something im looking to rectify.

7:34 pm Sep 9, 09

lol wow just wow, has suzie mentioned anything about doing Surviving Together?

7:17 pm Sep 9, 09

totally was! but remember it was only a maybe tiny little tiny a few seconds... hell of a few seconds though*le sigh*

7:10 pm Sep 9, 09

that must have been interesting!

7:04 pm Sep 9, 09

there was this one time, while i was in aruba... that maybe for a split second, I may have potentially been maybe a tiny... tiny little bit gay

7:01 pm Sep 9, 09

well... between you and me....*leans in close*

6:59 pm Sep 9, 09

Well you were always my favorite Zarbon, and as far as not being gay, are you sure?

6:53 pm Sep 9, 09

yanno, if I had to go any way, I'm glad it was through a couple of gunshot wounds, a flamethrower, and a disembowling.... through it all though... still not gay

6:45 pm Sep 9, 09

End of an era. Well it was a great run Any news on Surviving Together?

5:19 pm Sep 9, 09

Susie + Caffeine + Uncooperative Staff Crew - Common Sense = Disaster

It also makes for an amusing ending. I didn't think Zarbon would survive that long, sheesh. Well, good luck in the future Susie, and look forward to your new work soon!

- B

3:12 pm Sep 9, 09

Damn Susie, you're fuckin' crazy...but I love ya! Shit,I've been watching this since since 7th grade, and it never gets old xD
Thanks for da laffs!

7:58 am Sep 9, 09

Yeah...the last two episodes were pretty poor compared to the older ones =/ Weren't funny whatsoever. Yeah...Just turrible.

7:36 pm Sep 8, 09

I'm a firin a medicore employee staff! she burned them all lol. Literally

4:33 pm Sep 8, 09

That was an amusing ending. I don't blame Suzy for snapping one bit...I would to if I had to work with them.

I 2nd Mdluffy90's question on Surviving together.

4:12 pm Sep 8, 09

Buyt the real question is, since Zarbon's MAsterpiece Theater is done, when is Survivng togeth going to come on?
I mean I personally i don't care i just wanna know if you guys are going to go thru with it or not. This series must've been a pain in the ass to make.
Watching guys lik Ograndebatata and Alvin Earthworm, I mean that take a while to edit and animate. For real, thats just annoying. STupid Mario Brothers took more than three weeks to release their final episodes, eps 44 and 45.
Still hope all goes well, i'll be coming back once in a while to watch these eps again.

4:08 pm Sep 8, 09

ZMT is awesome
Good finale
I just wish that it woulda been funnier like the older episodes. Interviwiewing A dumbass like goku would be hilarious.

4:07 pm Sep 8, 09

best way to end the show. nothin ses it's over like a bullet throw goku's head lol.

3:06 pm Sep 8, 09

That... was an awesome finale. Goku was such a good interviewee.

1:55 pm Sep 8, 09

holy mother of fuck balls. susie snapped. i guess thats a good way to end the series. kill everyone so no sequals will be released. to bad susie is not in jail for life

10:38 am Sep 8, 09

Well, it had to end might as well be with a blood bath. Going to miss ZMT! Thanks for the laughs!

8:03 am Sep 8, 09

That was great, lmao.

3:53 am Sep 8, 09

Aww... I really liked that show. Nappa kicked ass and Zarbon was pretty cool too. Its lame that it had to end... But what can you do?

3:24 am Sep 8, 09


2:28 am Sep 8, 09

im going to be honest here i dident like the last two episodes i thought the brolly one was just a quick one so u could get straight to 17 so i accepetd it and waited but i thought the last ep did not do the show justice i thought more thought would of gone in to it then just well everything going down the shiter .

1:11 am Sep 8, 09


Shen-Long...retarded lizard...loved this one!!!
Thanks Suzie!!!

10:38 pm Sep 7, 09

down in flames for real always will be my favorite show ever

10:19 pm Sep 7, 09

oh plx say she wakes up and its all a dream and we can go on waiting for the yearly episodes of ZMT we know and love T`T

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