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9:16 pm Sep 7, 09

Episode is posted. Please enjoy!

7:42 pm Sep 7, 09

still nothing . . .

5:27 pm Sep 7, 09

oh sweet i hope so i've been waiting forever lol

The new envy
5:21 pm Sep 7, 09

Nah, I believe it will be poasted today. One was released at night before.

4:55 pm Sep 7, 09

im guessing its not going to be posted today huh?

The new envy
1:45 pm Sep 7, 09

It's over 9000!

The new envy
1:45 pm Sep 7, 09

It's over 9000!

10:35 am Sep 6, 09

Episode will be posted on Labor Day (sept 7)

5:10 am Sep 2, 09

Hey guys. The finale is almost done. Blame me for the delay, because I told Susie that if it was late, I would DIE. She delayed just to watch me perish.

Actually it is close to being done, and you will love it.

Here is a hint - Nappa is in it.


11:07 pm Aug 31, 09

hey guys. Still working on the finale. It's coming along good but taking much longer than expected (you'll understand when you see it). Will try to finish by end of this week.

1:43 pm Aug 15, 09

hows surviving together looking?

10:42 am Aug 11, 09

Glad to see that the series wasn't dead Can't wait for the next one, whenever it may be.

1:41 am Aug 5, 09

broly sucked

2:38 pm Jul 30, 09

Hi MDluffy, We are 2/5ths done with animating the finale. We plan on releasing it in August.

5:28 pm Jul 27, 09

Thats a good episode, but we waited about 2 years for that, i wish it was longer. I just hope this next episode isn't 5 years down the road.
Make it a month.

1:35 pm Jul 27, 09

hey i love this show i wish there were more episodes

12:01 am Jul 23, 09

Thank god i checked my email today. i havent watched zarbons matserpiece theeater since middle school, and it's still hilarious HI SUSIE!

6:12 am Jul 22, 09

Even if a voice actor moves they can record the script with audacity and send the files, but they might not want to do that. Whatever, I'm just so glad that my pestering paid off for once. Fantastically Awesome Girl POWER!

5:31 am Jul 22, 09

and sorry LOL spose to be a , between almost and good work LOL damn my puncuation

5:30 am Jul 22, 09

Eh it was pretty funny LOL I mean really... LOL what did u expect from brolly guys... he did only have like 1 line almost good work susie I am lookin forward to the finiale as far as 6666 eh who cares about him anyways LOL

4:41 am Jul 21, 09

and why did someone insist 666 is a "prep" for insulting susie? really? grow up. 666 and the retard generalizing pre--- oh forget it anyway PLEASE I know it's hard to keep the episodes coming due to one of the voice actor's moving but the episodes have made me happy

4:39 am Jul 21, 09

omg i remember coming to this site a while back. I checked my email thank god I LOVE THIS SITE. it's sad ur finishing the episodes. thanks for the laughs tho

7:38 pm Jul 16, 09


3:42 pm Jul 15, 09

I think what 6666 was trying to say is that I'm a Fantastically Awesome Girl. Thank you so much for the compliment 6666.

9:25 pm Jul 13, 09

wow i am pretty sureprised anybody still goes to website. anymore but it still a classic.

3:00 pm Jul 13, 09

alright ZMT is back!this is kickass!

8:21 am Jul 13, 09

well, I was too into the episode. but then again, I didn't know you wrote anything under broly when he talked. lol
and 6666, are you a prep? if so, that explains why you can't appreciate the small things in life.

4:32 am Jul 13, 09

susie your a fag

The new envy
5:04 pm Jul 11, 09

Yay! ZMT is back

5:40 am Jul 9, 09

I liked it. Especially Nappa and his stockings. Can't wait to see ep 17!

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