Sanchez comedy sketches

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that Sanchez Michaels, who lends his voice talents in many of the Dragon Mall Quest and Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater episodes, has his own youtube channel and has started creating comedy skits. Check it out!

Want to be funny like us? Here’s how Sanchez Michael’s does it…

Watch more Sanchez Michael’s comedy skits HERE.

What happened to Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater?

Hi PaperDemonMedia fans.

We’ve been getting questions here and on our Youtube channel asking where Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater went. I just realized I never posted an official explanation on our blog so here it is.

After some reflection the cast that worked on Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater feel that the show didn’t really age well. There are many jokes we made that would be considered deeply offensive by today’s standard, especially jokes at the expense of the LGBTQ+ community.

We didn’t want new fans of our Dragon Mall Quest series to see ZMT and be offended or turned off because of our older content. Because of that, we decided to unlist the episodes from our channel.

You can still view them if you have a direct link to the playlist (below). If you’re new to the series, WARNING: do not watch if you are easily offended.

Watch Zarbon’s Masterpiece Theater here.

Dragon Mall Quest #11 – VIOLENCE with a side of gore

Violence with a side of gore

It’s been a few months. Oops. Going to try and line up a couple more episodes for you for the following months. Sorry but Q4 was a busy quarter for PaperDemon so I wasn’t able to make time for Dragon Mall Quest.

Patience has it’s rewards though. Glad I can get this out to you because this was a good one!

Dragon Mall Quest #10 – Do Robots get STDs?

Megathrust is one of my favorite characters. Something about a horny transformer just gives me the giggles.

Sorry for the shortness of this one and the last two. But I promise #11 will be longer (about 1 minute long). I felt this episode kind of ends in an awkward place. I’m hoping we can make this sort of thing better in future episodes.

Fun fact, Sanchez Michaels who does the voice for Megathrust has his own YouTube channel, YaBoySandwiches, where he streams himself playing video games. Just don’t bring up Megathrust because he’s trying to keep the channel family friendly!

Dragon Mall Quest #9 – The crunching in the darkness

Snip #9

Looks like I got another one out quicker than I thought.

Animation on this one was a lot of fun and unlike other episodes, this animation was done fairly recently.

Most of the snips, the animation was done several years ago but as stated earlier we were trying to get a bunch of it done first before releasing. The animation for this was completed in early 2020 because we ended up making a late change to the Lawrence character. I’m pretty happy with this episode. It actually makes for great sharing and is amusing without any context. I think this is the type of episode that really shows how the short “snip” format can work really well because you can easily share these little short animations.

It was a little on the short side so I padded it with some behind the scenes timelapse.

Let me know what you think!

Status update

In my last post, I mentioned putting Dragon Mall Quest on hold due to anticipated financial burdens from coronavirus. Thankfully, things have stabilized, my husband has still been able to work, and our financial situation is ok again. Now that the financial stress of caring for ourselves is out of the way, I need to determine how to move forward with DMQ.

DMQ was taking up more time than I anticipated just to do final editing. I was originally going to hire animators to help me finish out the rest of the episode animation for the year, but with my business not yet bringing in enough revenue, it doesn’t seem right to do that just yet.

And things are ramping up on my main business, So doing the animation myself is not practical. Even doing the post-production is a bit of a stretch these days.

But never fear. I still have a lot of content that is already animated. It just needs post-production work. So I think what I’m going to do is figure out a new schedule that’s perhaps a more realistic pace for me. Once per week was too much, even when all the animation itself is done because the post-production (rendering, editing, sound effects, etc) still takes a couple of days per snip.

So I’m thinking maybe one snip per month? It’s not as much as I would want but it’s better than nothing. I’m expecting the business to be bringing in more income next year and I can afford to hire animators again.

I’m unsure when I’ll restart posting again. June is looking crazy busy for me because of some exciting things going on with PaperDemon! I’m currently aiming for some time in July for the next snip release.

I hope you all are safe and healthy out there. Wash your hands, stay home, stay 6ft apart so we can get through this pandemic faster.

Thank you for your patience! Stay tuned.

DMQ on hold due to COVID-19

I live in the California Bay Area, currently one of the COVID-19 hot spots in the United States. Because of the rapid spread of the corona virus and the 6 million people in this area, our county has been put on a “Shelter in place” order for the next three weeks minimum. The order means we can’t leave our homes except to get groceries, go to the doctor, exercise outdoors. You can only go to work if you work an essential job (such as in health care, utilities service, or food service). If your job is deemed, non essential, you have to work from home or not go to work at all which is resulting in many folks losing their jobs or being furloughed. Given the type of work my husband does, his employment is at risk and we may be facing significant financial burdens.

The uncertainty of the situation and the fact that things were already really risky on the account of me quiting my job and starting my own business, has created a great deal of fear for us. We’re vulnerable right now.

So I’ve decided to put Dragon Mall Quest on hold indefinitely so I can make room to find and do part time work.

I hate to do this. We just launched DMQ like a month ago after 9 years of on and off work. I was so excited to finally share all this funny shit we’ve been working so hard on. And to finally do it with some level of consistency.

But I have to do the right thing, be an adult, and invest time in ways to support my family in the short term.

It may be several months or more before I can get back to posting. If I have extra time here and there, I’ll try to get episodes posted. I do have up to snip 20 animated but snips 9 through 20 still need post production work. Join the mailing list (on the left) to get updates.

Given the costs involved with animating, production work on episodes 21 and beyond have also been halted and it’s unlikely we’ll resume the work until next year.

I know there are others out there that will be severely impacted by this before it’s all over. I feel for you, I wish you all well and hope you’re able to make it through this. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, and save up an emergency fund if you haven’t already.

Take care