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Announcing Dragon Mall Quest

Posted on May 19, 2013 11:51 am by Susie

PaperDemonMedia is proud to announce our newest show Dragon Mall Quest!

It's an epic quest of two average guys trying to get by in a mall filled with the chaos and insanity that would only be common place in an anime.

We're going to be releasing the show in early 2014. We're about 1/4 of the way through on producing the first season and look forward to sharing it with you.

Our PDM website is really old so we're going to replace it soon. In the mean time, please go to to see information on the new series.

Please also follow our twitter and facebook pages to get updates on Dragon Mall Quest.

If you're in the California Bay Area and attending FanimeCon, please come to our panel at 2pm on Sunday May 26th in Panels #4 at the Fairmont Hotel.

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New parody show will release in Summer 2013

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 6:59 am by Susie

Hello everyone,

The PaperDemon Media team has been hard at work on the new parody series. We've still yet to agree on a name. But we've written and recorded dialog for the first three episodes. We've begun animation production and are hiring artist talents from around the world to help us with the production work so that we can get it done faster.

We intend to do things the right way. Rather than a random episode every couple of months or couple of years, we will release a new episode every week for about two months in the summer of 2013.

Because production of this new series is much more involved than Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater was, it takes a year of dedicated work to produce a season of episodes. This is why the release is a year out.

We'll keep you updated and be sure to let you know when the new episodes will be released.

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Most restrictions removed for watching videos

Posted on Mar 27, 2012 8:10 am by Susie

We've completed migrating all of the Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater episodes to our Youtube channel. And now our episode pages have been updated to embed the youtube videos. This means we no longer need to restrict viewing videos to logged in members.

There are a couple of exceptions. Namely the Bulma does Boston episode. The Youtube version of this video is censored. But we have an uncensored version available for members only. The original pilot episode is also restricted because we think this episode is too shitty to go on our channel.

Don't forget to subscribe to our channel so you get notified of new videos.

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ZMT coming to Youtube, and other updates

Posted on Mar 23, 2012 8:19 am by Susie

Hello everyone. It's been almost a year since the last post. Wedding was over last summer and I'm finally getting back into my regular projects.

I'm happy to announce that Zarbon's Masterpiece Theater is finally making it's way to YouTube! We're finally getting with the times. Please Subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you can get notified of new episodes of any shows we create.

Potter, Jason, Sanchez and I are starting to talk about a potential new show. I think we all miss working together to create funny videos. We'll let you know when more details soon.

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7:52 pm Mar 9, 14

Thanks for your loyalty folks! We've finished scripts, storyboards and are nearly done voicing season 1 of dragon mall quest. more details coming soon.

Fun fact, we have a stupid dragon named "Shenshort" in our new series. If you were a fan of ZMT Ep12, you'll love Shenshort.

3:57 pm Feb 5, 14

I love this so much

3:40 pm Sep 21, 13


The new envy
11:48 pm Aug 23, 13

Hey guys, I miss this stuff so much. I still wish I could be a mod someday lol, I remember all the fun stuff and the reoccurring flame-war-er. This is a legendary parody!

10:33 pm Jun 3, 13

still goes to this site to get a good laugh in 2013

5:37 pm Jul 22, 12

Been a long time since I have been on this site and come to find great news. Thank you all at ZMT.

1:23 pm Apr 23, 12

Cool I can show some of my friends these old shows. Still funny as hell

9:07 am Mar 28, 12

Mmm, zmt on youtube. Now I can show all the ugly people my beautiful self... Mmm

8:42 pm Mar 23, 12

whoo! zmt is on youtube xD

8:19 am Mar 23, 12

ZMT is coming to youtube!!! See news post.

2:36 am Mar 1, 12

I still miss this show. Years after it was over it was still very very funny.

The new envy
12:53 am Jan 9, 12

Damn, I miss this site. Hope your all doing well =D

2:44 pm Jul 8, 11

If you're interested, I'm posting info about my wedding at

1:15 pm May 21, 11

congrats susie! go girl!

11:31 pm Feb 17, 11

Congrats on getting married Susie!~

3:30 pm Feb 15, 11

Congrads Susie, I hope UR sharing the duties of getting UR wedding setup... = )

3:34 pm Feb 7, 11

sorry dudes. work has been busy and i'm planning my wedding. in august once the wedding is over i can get back to my creative stuff!

6:22 am Jan 9, 11

when will surviving together be out? its been 4 years!

4:22 pm Nov 6, 10

After going thru layoffs and lost of work due to BP, I"m gald to say to good to see susie website again

11:58 am Nov 1, 10

We still support you, Susie! We still wait for the day Surviving Together is complete!

11:23 pm Oct 23, 10

dang i miss how everyone used to log on this website. at least we still have the episodes to treasure over and over lol

10:36 am Oct 20, 10

XvegetalX i know what you mean dude. when i sign on theres always guests and no members XD

2:22 pm Oct 11, 10

lol i am the only one on always!

2:22 pm Oct 11, 10

lol i am the only one on always!

12:41 pm Oct 9, 10

kraka-jack-a-ma-flaka-dack stupid bastards!x

12:39 pm Oct 9, 10

apparrentally not

12:39 pm Oct 9, 10

:broly: i wanted 2 see if this would work

2:31 pm Oct 7, 10

LOL asked if was gay

3:27 pm Oct 2, 10


6:51 am Oct 2, 10

the end was SADEST!


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